About us

We, CAT Techs, are a smartphone app development team based in Nara, Japan. We are developing apps in search of ways of communication that helps everyone get along.

Origin of the name “CAT Techs”

The “CAT” in CAT Techs comes from the acronym for Computer Aided Thinking. We named this because we wanted to create a system that supports each person to think for themselves. It is necessary to have the web and AI provide answers, but in addition, if each person can have their own thoughts and make independent choices without being influenced by information, we will have more diversity. We believe that a society with rich diversity is one in which people can appreciate each other’s differences. CAT Techs will continue to create the mechanisms to achieve such a society.

Basic information

Trade name: CAT Techs

Founded: April 2023

Business field: Planning, development and operation of applications for smartphones

Telecommunications business number in Japan: E-05-05179