(For Android) My steps has not been counted since I started using this app

Please follow the steps below to check the settings of your phone.

  1. Please check that Google Fit app is installed. If not, please download it from [here].
  2. Open the Google Fit app.
  3. Tap “Profile”.
  4. Tap the gear ⚙ button in the top right-hand corner of the Profile screen.
  5. Under “Tracking preferences”, set “Track your activities” ON.
  6. On the same screen, tap “Manage connected apps”.
  7. There is no problem if “How are you?” app is displayed in the “Third-party apps with account access” list.
  8. If not, restart “How are you?” app and select an account to connect to Google Fit. The Google account selected at this time must match the account you are logged into Google Fit with.