How are you? – Sharing Walk

Do you ever worry about your family members who live far away?
With this app, family members can share their daily mood and step count with you.

Let’s watch over each other with easy communication! You can also use this app to watch over in your local community.

5 features of “How are you?” 🌟

(1) Sharing mood

You can easily share today’s mood with everyone just by choosing from the options. This allows you quickly notice if someone is not feeling well.

(2) Sharing step count

You can see each other’s step counts and know if each other is doing well. Please use this as a conversation starter as well.

(3) Caring message

You can easily send messages with one button. You don’t have to worry about thinking about sentences.

(4) Health management

You can look back on your mood and steps recorded every day. Check yourself and your family’s health.

(5) Emergency contact

You can register emergency contacts in case of emergency.

◆This app is perfect for the followings!

  • I’m worried about my family who live far away, but I hesitate to call them every day because it will be annoying.
  • I’m not comfortable with installing sensors such as cameras to watch over my family, and I would like to protect our privacy.
  • I want to feel the joy of interactive connection, rather than one-way monitoring.

◆This app does not burden on your households’ budgets

This app is completely free to use. Ads are displayed in this app, but they are limited to family and children’s ads, so you can view them without worry.


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